Famine (Passages to Lunacy Split)




FAMINE from the "PASSAGES TO LUNACY" full length split with Solanum, out now on HPGD productions. 8 Crushing tracks.
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"kicks off with a plucky, virile bass line from Kyle Hughes, who instigates guitarist Adam to commit a violent onslaught of buzzsaw thrash riffs, frenetic grindcore riots and groove revolt. Drummer Aaron careens his way through manic snare fills, unruly blasts and vaulting tempo variations that help keep the riffs constantly on the move. The lo-fi charm of the recording gives this insanity a vibe that you’re right in the middle of the pit " -Teeth of the Divine

"Their riffs have more of a Hardcore feel to them in places too, although they still know how to Thrash it out with the best of them. Some of the guitar rhythms here are very tasty indeed.
You could pretty much land at any point in any of these songs and hit something good" -Wonderbox Metal

Seething in a raw, no-bullshit production, the vocals are bitter and pissed off, matching the guitar tone and drums in ferocity and precision. Despite being relativity low in the mix, the bass is all over the place, carving a crooked path between the razor-sharp, catchy guitar riffs. -Beatroute Magazine


released February 2, 2015



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EPI-DEMIC Calgary, Alberta

Epi-Demic is Crossover From Canada, delivering aural insanity since 2005. 100% STREET METAL!!!

" Playing a rare form of discordant crossover, Epi-Demic shove the harsh realities of life down your throat and plug your mouth and nose ‘till you swallow it. Always fast, always aggressive, sometimes even progressive, these thrash veterans comfort listeners with the idea that being insane is OK"
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